Personal, Personalized Dog Training

Here at Pig Dog Shop, we provide at home pet dog training and pup training for ETTY BAY and the surrounding locations, to give you the individually help you need.

Your Problem Behaviors Solved

Never ever stress over your canine misbehaving once again! Dominate all your canine's issue habits and concerns and find a much better life with your family pet.

A Well-Mannered Dog

Do you want a pet dog that will not pull on the leash, bark at your visitors, or damage your house when you're not around? We can help make that your truth!

A Perfect Puppy

Start on the ideal paw with your new pup! Learn ways to change him into the canine of your dreams, and avoid issue habits from ever occurring.

Do you feel annoyed with the important things your canine does (or does not do)?

  • Has your pet become a barking horror, frightening your good friends, next-door neighbors - even the mail male? Is having visitors over difficult?
  • Has strolling your pet become a task rather of a satisfaction?
  • Do you want your canine to be well-behaved but do not know where to start?

What if you could change all that?

What if your canine was calm and considerate around your visitors and never ever barked at the door? What if he paid attention to you when you talked to him, and followed the very first time, each time because he LOVED to make you delighted? Do you wish to go on a peaceful pull-free walk around the area and have buddies and complete strangers rave about how well-behaved your pet dog is?

Would not you love to have a GOOD pet dog?

If you want a dog that...

  • Walks along great and calmly beside you so you can enjoy your strolls together.
  • Excitedly pays attention to your commands and complies with immediately, even around diversions.
  • Calmly welcomes visitors and complete strangers, no leaping or barking included.
  • Comes when you call the very first time, whenever.

Training Methods That Work

We use science-based, reliable canine training techniques to make training your pet fast, simple, and lasting. We also provide a vast array of training options developed to match your needs and meet your objectives as quickly as possible.

We provide expert pet training, pup training, canine boarding, pup boarding, trained pups, issue fixing, and options for bad habits, potty training, cage training, leash good manners and more.